A separate account of events by Jamie Redman https://news.bitcoin.com/executive-orders-reddit-censorship/
Captured using http://web-capture.net/
Timeline for events can be observed as well as links to deleted posts at https://twitter.com/RedditBTC
Here is a list of some of the posts deleted  https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoin_uncensored/comments/3haocj/a_few_of_the_posts_deleted_on_rbitcoin_yesterday

I wanted to show you guys what it is that you’re asking for. I’ve even disabled Automoderator, so go ahead and spam if you want. I sure as hell won’t censor it.
I’ll probably return everything back to normal tomorrow. You guys already fucked the front page anyway, so not much more can be done to fix it at this point. Good night.

what effect did this have on r/bitcoin, lets look and see
shot-20150816-15030-mmi20ythis is now the official CENSORED history for that month