A bit of coin becomes a mirror cracked

By love of fame or greed or complex math

It is a puzzle why some care so much

For crypto cash not euro, yen, or pounds

They say that money talks or maybe whispers

I stand outside that chatting class of hipsters


Who knew a piggy bank imprisoned more

Than just my hopes for burgers and some slaw

I learn that it is fiat that I hold

A central bank in charge of all I buy

The legal tender issued by a state

How déclassé and even reprobate


Alternatives appear in digital

A universe of block chains built upon

An algorithm so complex to solve

You need a private key and public too

A miner will create your currency

A wallet now allows a shopping spree


These coins are not so easily exchanged

As carefree shows a different face which scowls

And Mt.Gox loses virtue and reward

Eight hundred thousand coins and more are gone

So bankruptcy without a bank we learn

Brings tears but no insurance in return


Each day the mounting mystery accretes

When Mister Nakamoto wants his lunch

A high-speed chase in movieland L.A.

Brings drama or perhaps its comedy

A pseudonym’s disguise to be resolved

Satoshi’s fate may Dorian absolve


Next reparations are proposed online

Munificence crowd sourced for damage done

Betrayal trounced with generosity

A white flag waves for anonymity

Or is it just publicity for free?

The scent of scam now overpowers me


The mirror‘s crack reflects my countenance

A smile across my face as I discern

Those bits of coins are not the prize at all

The payments system is the lasting gift

Ignored because we need some time to sift

The chaff of coins from platforms that will lift


Who said necessity is mother’s womb

Invention it turns out is born of whim


by Jessica Einhorn